Dreamweaver CS5.5 : Using the Open Browser Window Behavior

11/7/2011 5:55:32 PM
You can launch a new browser window with the click of a link, and you can specify the height and width of the new window to perfectly fit video and images in their own viewers or add other additional information, such as definitions.

Using the Open Browser Window Behavior

1. Click an image, selection of text, or other element that you want to serve as the trigger for the behavior.

2. Click Window.

3. Click Behaviors.

  • The Behaviors pane opens in the Tag Inspector panel.

4. Click .

The list of behaviors is displayed.

5. Click Open Browser Window.

Note: You can select other behaviors from the list to apply those features.

The Open Browser Window dialog box appears.

6. Click Browse.

The Select File dialog box opens.

7. Click and select the folder with the page to which you want to link.

8. Click the file.

9. Click OK.

You are returned to the Open Browser Window dialog box.

10. Type the width in pixels.

  • If you leave the height blank, the window will expand to fill the content automatically.

11. Click any attributes that you want to include ( changes to ).

12. Type a name.

Note: You cannot use spaces or special characters.

13. Click OK.

What is the difference between behavior events and actions?

Think of an event in a behavior like a match and the action like the flame on a candle. When you use a behavior on your Web page, you get to choose what kind of event you want to serve as the spark. One common choice is onClick, which triggers the action of a behavior when a user clicks a link. Another common choice is onMouseOver, which triggers the action of a behavior when a user rolls the cursor over a link.

After you add a behavior, you can specify the event that will trigger the action of the behavior. With the Open Browser Window behavior, both the onClick and onMouseOver events are good choices.

14. Click here.

Note: Hint: Click just inside the line.


15. Click .

The drop-down list of functions appears.

16. Click an event to serve as the trigger for the behavior.

  • The event name is displayed in the Behaviors panel and is associated with the behavior.

17. Click to preview the page in a Web browser.

18. Click a browser.

The page opens in the Web browser that you selected.

  • When you perform the trigger on the element, such as click the image, the new browser window opens in the specified size.

Can I link images, text, and other types of files to behaviors?

Just about anything you can use for a link in Dreamweaver you can associate with a behavior. Just select any image, section of text, or even a video or animation file and then click to select the Behavior action and events from the Behaviors panel.

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