CorelDraw 10 : Adding Text to a Web Page

11/21/2011 10:15:29 AM
To add text to your CorelDraw Web page, select the Text Tool, drag a paragraph text frame, and then type. In order for text to export to the Web correctly, it must be both paragraph text and HTML compatible.

To make text HTML compatible:

  • Use the Pick Tool to select the paragraph text frame. Choose Text > Make Text Web Compatible.

  • Right-click the paragraph text frame, and select Make Text Web Compatible from the pop-up menu (Figure 1).

    Figure 1. To ensure that proper fonts, sizing, and formatting are applied to the selected text block, choose Make Text Web Compatible.


  • Choose Tools > Options and select the Workspace > Text > Paragraph heading. Check the option to Make all new paragraph text frames Web compatible.

  • The size of Web text isn't measured in points. HTML text sizes range from 1 (smallest) to 7 (largest). After making a block of text HTML-compatible, you'll note a new drop-down list on the property bar—the HTML Font Size List (Figure 2). To set the size for selected text, choose a size from this drop-down list.

    Figure 2. When formatting characters in a Web-compatible text block, you can set font sizes using this new drop-down list.

  • You can format text using any fonts in your computer. However, if a person viewing the page doesn't also have that font installed, the text will appear in a default font (such as Times-Roman).

  • HTML also supports boldface, italic, underlined, and colored text.

  • Any text block that hasn't been designated as Web-compatible will be stored on the Web page as a graphic. While this assures that the text will appear as you intended, it also increases the page's download time.

Visit the Web Without a Browser

If there's a piece of information you need but you don't feel like launching a browser, you can use the Web Connector docker to connect to the Internet and view Web pages. Just type a URL into the docker's text box and press to fetch the Web page. Because the docker window is tiny, you may wish to undock it and expand the window.

JPEG and GIF file formats

Both JPEG and GIF are compressed file formats that represent images with minimal loss of detail. The JPEG (.jpg) format is ideal for photographs. When you export a graphic as a JPEG, you can set the graphic's compression. Less compression results in a larger file and longer load times. Keep the compression as high as possible (without sacrificing image quality) to minimize the file size.

The GIF (.gif) format is typically used for black and white art, line drawings, and images with 256 or fewer colors. A special feature of this format is that you can create interlaced images. An interlaced GIF is displayed in the browser in chunks, similar to the way a vertical blind closes. You can also make transparent images, where certain areas of the image let the background pattern or color show through.

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