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Windows Vista : How to fix - There’s No Room on My Screen
If you are eager to read this section, the occasions are you know what a trainer of elephant like inside feels an apartment of single person of New York. Your weaving loom windows of large computer on your screen and can not adapt, just as a pachyderm fills a living room.
Windows Vista : My Colors Are Ugly and Chunky - How to Fix Color Depth
So much a day, you start your computer to discover that the colors suddenly went blocky, ugly, or grained. The images which you work with on your computer disappeared very malicious(see Figure 1), and this photograph of your glances of niece of beauty queen as it was exposed to a skin disease of Star Trek.
Windows Vista : How to Fix Your Pixels - Dealing with Display Issues
One of Vista’s great strengths is its new look and feel. On the surface, Vista looks somewhat familiar, like XP that’s been to the beauty salon. After you start using the new operating system, however, it becomes apparent that under the skin, Vista’s interface—called Aero—is very different and definitely improved.
Joyless Joysticks: How to Fix Your Controller
You will find a Game Controllers icon in the control panel. This gives access to you all the properties or to provide a peripheral control panel which lets to you adapt to the customer requirements, gauge, or adjust your lever or controller:
Windows Server 2012 : IPv6 Introduction (part 4) - IPv6 Transition Technologies
Today, the Internet (and the world) is mostly running on IPv4 networks. As more and more operating system and devices natively support IPv6, and even require it, making IPv6 work globally will quickly become necessary.
Windows Server 2012 : IPv6 Introduction (part 3) - Comprehending IPv6 Addressing
Learning IPv6 notation can be a bit daunting at first, based not only on the use of hexadecimal numbering, but also on the length of a full address.
Windows Server 2012 : IPv6 Introduction (part 2) - IPv6 Addressing
With the expanded address space associated with IPv6, the developers of IPv6 decided to leverage the hexadecimal numbering system to simplify and reduce the number of characters to identify the IPv6 address.
Windows Server 2012 : IPv6 Introduction (part 1)
Network administrators had to work hard in some cases to support the quick growth and to troubleshoot issues because IPv4 required manual configuration of addressing on devices and in most cases they also had to deploy and support a method of dynamic addressing provided by, you guessed it, DHCP services
Windows Server 2012 : Exploring Advanced DHCP Concepts
The concepts advanced by DHCP include the functionality not used in daily situations, such as superscopes, ranges of multicast, and the delegation of the administration of DHCP. Moreover, in the environment of calculation of today, the management of the services by a command line environment is strongly desired. The following sections cover these advanced concepts of DHCP.
Windows 8 : Automatic Updates as Security - Thwarting Exploits with DEP
The attacks of malware to thwart which exploit vulnerabilities of software is the most important element of the automatic updates. But Windows 8 offers a second manner of thwarting of such attacks.
Windows 8 : Automatic Updates as Security - Managing Updates (part 2) - Changing how updates work, Reviewing and removing updates
You can modify times when updates of Windows are downloaded with your computer. For example, which if your computer is not turned above and on line at 3:00 during the morning? Will you miss on something important? At all. For a thing, there is no time on updates. After an update is announced, it remains announced for always.
Windows 8 : Automatic Updates as Security - Managing Updates (part 1) - Managing optional updates
The automatic updates related to safety require little or not effort on your partition. But sometimes you can be confronted with the optional updates.
Windows 8 : Automatic Updates as Security - Enabling Automatic Updates
The automatic updates are the best manner of following corrections of safety. In fact, the occasions are they are already allowed on your system
Windows 8 : Automatic Updates as Security - Understanding Automatic Updates
Many people are afraid of Windows Update. They are afraid that the updates will break something on their system which they can fix. It is certainly true that any change with your system could create a problem
Windows 8 : File Maintenance Using the Open and Save As Dialog Boxes, Metadata and the File Explorer Property System
If file location will become less important, what can you use to take its place as a basis for file organization? Content seems like a pretty good place to start. After all, it’s what’s inside the documents that really matters.
Windows 8 : The Recycle Bin: Deleting and Recovering Files and Folders
n our conversations with Windows users, we’ve noticed an interesting trend that has become more prominent in recent years: people don’t delete files as often as they used to.
Windows 8 : Expert Drag-and-Drop Techniques, Taking Advantage of the Send To Command
For certain destinations, Windows 8 offers an easier method for copying or moving files or folders: the Send To command. To use this command, select the objects you want to work with, right-click the selection, and then click Send To in the shortcut menu.
Windows 8 : Selecting Files with Check Boxes, Resolving File Transfer Conflicts
Windows 8 offers a file-selection technique that promises to eliminate accidental selections. With this technique, you use a check box to select individual files and folders. To activate this feature, display File Explorer’s View tab and then activate the Item Check Boxes check box.
Windows 8 : Navigating the Windows 8 Folder Windows (part 2) - Instant Search, The Ribbon, The Navigation Pane
The next major element in the Windows 8 folder window interface is the Instant Search box, which appears to the right of the address bar in all folder windows. Search is everywhere in Windows 8.
Windows 8 : Navigating the Windows 8 Folder Windows (part 1) - Folder Navigation
Windows 8 implements drives and folders as hierarchies that you navigate up, down, and even across. As you can see in Figure 1, the address bar doesn’t show any drive letters or backslashes.
Windows 8 : Understanding File Types - File Types and File Extensions, File Types and the Registry
One of the fictions that Microsoft has tried to foist on the computer-using public is that we live in a “document-centric” world. That is, that people care only about the documents they create and not about the applications they use to create those documents.
Personalizing Windows 8 : Protecting Yourself with Windows Firewall - Advanced Firewall Configuration
All these options require administrative privileges. We don’t go into great detail on what the various options mean because we assume you are working to comply with an existing policy.
Personalizing Windows 8 : Protecting Yourself with Windows Firewall - Making Exceptions to Firewall Protection
When Windows Firewall is turned on and running, you don’t really have to do anything special to use it. It will be on constant vigil, automatically protecting your computer from hackers and worms trying to sneak in through unprotected ports.
Personalizing Windows 8 : Protecting Yourself with Windows Firewall - Introducing Action Center
Before you explore Windows Firewall, take a look at the Action Center. This is a single point of notification for most of your PC’s security.
Personalizing Windows 8 : Protecting Yourself with Windows Firewall - How Firewalls Work
To understand what a firewall is, you need to first understand what a network connection is. Even though you have only one skinny set of wires connecting your computer to the Internet (through a DSL phone line or cable outlet), that connection actually consists of 65,535 ports.
Windows Server 2012 : Managing Users and Data with Dynamic Access Control - Automatic File Classification
As with auditing, file classification isn’t new to Windows Server but has been enhanced in Server 2012. File classification adds to a server administrator’s arsenal of management tools with powerful content classification rules.
Windows Server 2012 : Managing Users and Data with Dynamic Access Control - Auditing
Auditing is yet another component of Dynamic Access Control that, while not new to Windows Server, has undergone a refresh. Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will create audit events anytime a file is accessed, but auditing in Server 2012 is centralized and more sophisticated.
Windows Server 2012 : Managing Users and Data with Dynamic Access Control - Access Denied Remediation
You can configure Access Denied Remediation on individual file servers or throughout an entire domain. The feature is configured in Group Policy for deployment throughout the domain and via File Server Resource Manager on individual file servers.
Xbox LIVE and Windows 8 (part 3) - Xbox Companion
Xbox Companion will eventually be replaced by a similar but more full-featured app called Xbox SmartGlass. This app, due by the end of 2012, will offer a superset of the functionality in Xbox Companion.
Xbox LIVE and Windows 8 (part 2) - Xbox Games
Xbox Games is the front end to all of your Xbox LIVE game activities on Windows 8, and oddly enough that includes a ton of Xbox 360-related functionality, too.
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